Wall Finishes

Lime plaster fireplace
Lime plaster contemporary fireplace
Plaster kitchen hood with embellished design

Plasters, glazes, raised designs, and stencils. View slideshow or see below for thumbnail gallery.

  • Metallic Textured wall treatment with raised flowers and chipped black glass flower centers
  • Contemporary Bathroom
  • Textured Metallic Wall Finish
  • Metallic Harliquin Diamonds with silver raised bumble bees
  • Elegant multi layered wall finish
  • Harliquin wall finish featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine
  • Metallic silver textured wall finish with raised glass beads branches
  • Textured Exotic wall finish
  • Cute Bumblebee and Harlequin Diamond guest bedroom
  • Raised Bumblebees over Harliquin Diamonds
  • Multi-colored squared wall finish featured in Better & Gardens magazine
  • Venetian Plaster Wall Finish
  • Elegant Textured Wall Finish
  • Close-up of silver metallic textured wall finish with glass beads
  • Metallic Plaster wall treatment overlaid with raised Art Deco stencil design
  • Close-up of finish showing design with rhinestones
  • Metallic Plaster Wall Finish
  • Metallic Crackle Plaster Wall Treatment
  • Linen Kyoto wall finish for Street of Dreams home
  • Metallic Plaster Wall Finish
  • Raised flower design over walls in guest bedroom
  • Rita Hayworth Foyer wall treatment
  • Hand-painted ribbon on Jet Hanger walls to match jet
  • Ombre wall finish for teenager's hangout room.
  • Abstract Landscape Wall Finish
  • Lime plaster fireplace
    Lime plaster contemporary fireplace

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