Fine Art- Commissioned & Sold

Sold “Midas Koi” Acrylic on Gold Leaf
  • French inspired hand-painted pantry doors
  • Vineyard scene hand-painted over gold leaf pantry doors
  • Marilyn hand-painted chair
  • Black and White Raven table
  • and After Powderbath vanity
  • French County pantary door
  • Hand-painted client's dog and postcard on top of chest
  • Raised grape design on kitchen hood
  • Antiqued cabinets
  • Antiqued kitchen cabinets
  • Tuscan plastered kitchen hood
  • Metallic glazed kitchen hood
  • Raised French elegant kitchen hood
  • wine cabinet hand-painted releif of grapes
  • Shabby Chic painted nightstand
  • After photo of transformed kitchen hood
    After transformed kitchen hood into Bronze Beautify with straps and rivets.
  • TrompeL'oeil painted faux stone top with a letter from Marilyn Monroe stamp.
  • Plaster kitchen hood with embellished design

Fine ART. View slideshow or see below for thumbnail gallery.

  • Commission Art Mixed Media with Resin "Ebb & Flow"
  • SOLD Commision Art Mixed Media
  • "Robin Next" Acrylic Media 10"x10"
  • "Nuthatch Nest" Acrylic media 10"x10"
  • SOLD Tyrptic Acrylic overlayed with Resin
  • SOLD Commission Art panels
  • SOLD Acrylic over Gold Leaf
  • Commission Pet Portrait "Stitch"
  • Pet Portrait
    Commissioned "Milo" the Magnificent
  • Pet Portrait
    Commissioned "Bobby" the Great!
  • "Above All" Mixed Media with Resin Triptych 48" x 108" sold
  • "Passion" 48" x 60" Acrylic Media
  • Commissioned Art "Dancing Divas"

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